Thursday, October 16, 2014

Marauding Sheep

A couple of months ago, I mentioned the herd of sheep that decided to come visit.

For folks here who have sheep, horses, cows, or goats, it's pretty much common practice to let the animals graze wherever they want. For a number of weeks we had almost daily visits from this group. We also ended up having two horses tethered on either side of our lane. Oh, and there was that cow a handful of months back. Ahh, country living.

At first it was rather fun to watch the sheep munching on the grass next door and see the little ones play. But the fun and cuteness factor started to drop when they decided to nosh on the corn Fernando planted in our lots across the lane. Before we knew it, all the corn was gone.

Time to build a fence.

Fernando and his brother Raphino stripped all the sticks, treated them, got them in the ground, and strung barbed wire at sheep height. I found it rather ironic that while the guys were digging the holes for the sticks, the sheep came right in the lots like they owned them. Fernando shooed them away and work continued.

While the fence was being erected, David got busy building a gate.

No sooner was the project complete, when the marauding sheep decided to make a return visit.

Realizing they were thwarted from eating the corn...

"Well, dang. That corn was mighty tasty."

...they munched on some greens outside the fence line and meandered off. 

The final irony - they haven't been back since. But at least Fernando has been able to plant a new corn crop and it's coming along quite nicely.