Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ready, Set, Wait

We haven't broken ground yet for the pool or pool house, as the contractor and his crew are still working on the remodeling project for Dave and Dianna.

However, there have been a few things happening here in preparation for the big day.

First and foremost, our building permit was approved by the Ranchito Village Council. YAY!

The other piece of business that gotten taken care of was amping up, so to speak, our breakers and breaker box outside.
A real beauty, no? The extra breakers will allow power to be run from David's shop to the pump house. We also opted to have a weatherproof, lockable box. The other box had no cover, no lock, was rusting, and filled with a variety of dead insects and geckos. Now the breakers are protected from the elements and can't inadvertently turned off.

This shot shows where the pool house and pool will be located.

The building in the background is David's shop. See that pile of sand? That's about where the beginning of the pool house will be. And the dug up area in the foreground is about where the pool will be.

We had our veggie garden in the dirt area, so we needed to move that.

We had a raised bed made at the other end of the yard, where our above ground pool was located. David built the PVC frame, which will be covered in shade cloth. We also will have a skim coat put on the block to give it a finished look.

The other project involved re-routing a water line. 

These are the water pipes coming out of the side wall of David's shop. We weren't quite sure where they hooked up with the lines for the house. Trenching was in order and thank goodness we have Fernando and his strong back.

It turns out that the line ran in a straight line that will be our pool house floor and part of the pool. 

It then ran at an angle to the water line for the house. Clearly, this wasn't going to work. (Olivia decided to do a butt photo bomb in this shot.)

David and Fernando mapped out a new angle to run the water line, and after much trenching, pipe cutting, fitting, and gluing, the new pipe was installed in the space of one morning. Great teamwork and, best of all, there were no leaks!

At this point, we've done as much as we can to be ready for our construction to begin. We're keeping fingers crossed that it could happen in the next week or two. Check back here for updates.