Sunday, August 23, 2015

Slices of Life from Belize - August 23, 2015

Rainy Season Update

Well this entry will be brief, because we've hardly had any rain. Oh sure, a few storms have blown through, but in no way dropping enough water to keep things lush and growing. One of our local news stations, 7 News Belize, ran an article about the situation with this headline: "Min. of Agriculture: There is a Northern Drought (Duh)". You can read the article here.

Farmers are really bearing the brunt of the weather situation. Crops, especially corn, have been turning yellow from lack of water. Our trees and shrubs almost all have a yellow tinge, and our grass is turning brown and crunchy.

David was saying just the other day that we want and need rain so badly, he wouldn't care that we would have the dogs cooped up in the house with us, should the rain gods decide to visit. That's really saying something.

And Speaking of Dogs

Say hello to the newest addition to the Wright household:

This is CC. She's about a year old and still has some puppyish behaviors. But talk about a sweet and smart girl! We adopted her a few weeks ago. When it came time to introduce her to the rest of the pack, we had Fernando work his magic. We knew it wouldn't take much time for our dog, Sam, to adapt. And it didn't. Within about 20 minutes of being gently introduced, the two of them were fine. Then it came time to introduce CC to Lizi who had established herself as the alpha dog. This took longer with some growls and snarls from both parties. Through Fernando's patience, the girls decided they could find a common ground.

Over the ensuing days, CC, using her cute, puppy ways and her smarts, ended up almost taking up the top dog spot. We kept waiting for Lizi to show who was boss, but it seems she doesn't mind not being in control. We expect CC to fully take over the alpha dog spot any day now.

Lizi and CC

And what about Olivia and the cat? Well, Olivia put her blinders on and totally ignored CC for the first few days. I think once she realized that CC wasn't going anywhere, she took the blinders off and accepted her.

The cat, on the other hand, quickly realized she had one more being that she could dominate and control. There have been many an occasion when CC has been in on the porch that the cat makes a running dash out there, does a ninja move, complete with a hiss, that scares CC and makes her squeal like a little girl. 

But now that time has passed, even those two get along just fine. 

If someone had ever told me we would own four dogs and a cat -- all at the same time -- I would not have believed it. But now I can't imagine our lives without them.

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