Thursday, February 5, 2015

Slices of Life from Belize - February 5, 2015

Windshield Update
You may recall an earlier post about us buying a RAV4. Part of the deal was to take possession of a new windshield, as the original one was cracked. We had heard that there was a Toyota dealership in Chetumal.  We asked Charles, a friend of ours who lives in that part of Mexico, to find out if they could do the job.

Well the bad news was that there isn't a Toyota dealership, but there is one for Nissan (should any of you need it). The good news was that our friend knew of a place that could do the install and not set off the side curtain airbags.
David and our friend, Bruce, made the drive on Tuesday. There were no problems crossing the border, no one looked in the car, nor were any questions asked about the windshield in the back of the car.
After meeting up with Charles, they drove to the window place, and in less than an hour the new windshield was in place. It needed another few hours for the sealant to set, so the guys had time to have some lunch.
By 2:30 that afternoon, the guys were back in Belize with a pristine windshield. Hopefully, it will stay in this condition for some good time to come.

Yes, Some People Do Like the Taste of Iguana
I saw this article, courtesy of Breaking Belize News, at the beginning of the week and commented on my Facebook page that this probably isn't the type of story many folks in North America would read about on a regular basis:
"Sunday, February 1, 2015.BMG: The closed season for the hunting of Iguana in Belize starts today.

From now until June 30, when female Iguanas are laying and caring for their eggs, it is unlawful to capture, disturb or hunt Iguana, also known as Bamboo Chicken.
The closed season for the hunting of Iguana is part of conservation efforts as the Iguana is listed as a threatened specie.
Under the Wildlife Protection Act (1981), anyone caught hunting Iguana anywhere in Belize during the closed season faces prosecution by law.
Officials of the Forest Department say that under no circumstance will a permit to hunt the Iguana will be issued between now and June 30."
Thrifty Finds
I have the bad habit of wearing the same solid colored T-shirts on a regular basis. And while I really don't need more clothes, the monotony of seeing the same colors (navy, black, gray, tan, brown) was wearing on me.
So on Tuesday, while the guys were in Mexico, I got together with my friends, Colleen and Dianna, to check out a thrift store (Lynn's Sweet Repeats) I hadn't been to before.
And boy, did I score:
Dark green and while print top - it ties in the back to give it shape. Very comfy.

Love the print of this one from Ann Taylor. Goes with just about anything.

100% cotton top from Bass

Cotton/silk blend, courtesy of Talbots

Capri cargo pants
This haul cost me the princely sum of $20 BZD -- that's $10 USD! The owner told us she is getting a new shipment of clothes on Saturday. I foresee a return visit soon!