Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Cabinet and Tile Removal Continues; Patience Being Tested

So after removing the first overhead cabinet and tile backsplash, we learned a few valuable lessons that got applied when work started on the second cabinet and tile area.

To reduce the amount of concrete dust from chipping off the tile and mastic and embedding itself into every crevice in the house, David put up some plastic sheeting around the work area.

To reduce the chances of having sharp pieces of tile and bits of concrete dust invade his eyeballs, especially as his eyes had just recovered from the fire ball incident, plastic goggles were worn.

And while no long-sleeve shirt was donned to prevent the appearance of being pecked to death by a flock of rabid chickens, gashes were all minor.

Our common sense knows no bounds.

In just a couple of days, the work was completed sans injury and much easier clean up.

Left upper cabinet removed, along with tile

Full view of wall minus cabinets and tile

There's still a bit of tile left around the window frame that needs to come off and some sanding to be done on the right side where the tile used to be. But other than that and some painting, this area is good to go.

At this point, the logical next step would be to tackle the bottom counter run. If you recall, we have some tile voids and sink issues to contend with And, call us crazy, but we would prefer to keep the days without running water in the kitchen to a minimum. 

But there’s just one small problem: we still have no idea when the new cabinets, counters, and island are scheduled for completion. We were supposed to have dates from the contractor two weeks ago. We were also told that we would be able to see the roughed out island, with its wood counter, this week, along with the sample cabinet door design. Emails have been sent, calls have been made, but we can’t seem to get any answers. 

We’re really trying to go with the flow here, but it's almost a month since we began this project and were given the expectation that work on the new cabinets would get underway in the same time frame. I know it's said that all good things come to those who wait, but for the love of Calphalon, can we just get some dates?

Ms. Crankypants

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  1. Ah, "Belizean Time"... I have been told it is very difficult to slow down enough to embrace the different time flow that occurs in your new home.

    I have been retired now about two years.. I think I still move too quickly and expect too much, even up here int the Upstate (SC).