Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Clothes Horse Fodder Follow-up

About a week and a half ago, I mentioned a recent trip to Orange Walk and how I came home with more fodder for the clothes horse (me). Here are some shots of my recent loot:

A 100% cotton madras skirt. I love the colors and the retro look of the madras.

Lined cotton, spaghetti strap top with beading. Normally, I'm not a sparkly/bling wearing kind of girl, but the beads are small and add just the right amount of interest to what would otherwise be a rather ordinary top. This is a great piece to provide some girly attitude to jeans, shorts, or a skirt.
Dark gray/white seersucker cropped pants. These are sooooo comfy and it helps that there's a little bit of stretch to the fabric. I could wear these every single day.

The water colors are what drew my eye to this top. It's tunic length, hitting just about at the hips, ties in the back, and has split cap sleeves. This is another piece that I know will get a lot of wear.

This is a sleeveless wrap dress. The photo really doesn't highlight the colors very well, but it has a silver, tan, and light tan leaf design on a black background. I love this jersey type material, because no matter what you do to it, there are no wrinkles. I have a pair of spike heeled sandals that would look amazing with this dress, but being a klutz, I fear a twisted ankle in the offing. Maybe I'll just stick with wearing flats.

White cotton cropped cargo pants. Don't they look comfy and cute? But speaking of being a klutz, I will need to work up the courage to wear these. I can count on one hand, with fingers left over, how many times I've purchased a white pair of pants, skirt, or shorts. Experience has shown that if there is any substance that can cause a stain, it will find me and the white fabric. But maybe I'll have better luck this time around.
Flats from Land's End. As much as I love all of my cute sandals and flip flops, there are days that a girl needs something other than cute shoes. You only need to have mud squish between your toes a time or two when you accidentally step into a puddle to learn a lesson. I think of these as my "common sense" shoes -- functional, covered toes to prevent mud squished toes, but still kinda' cute.
And here's the very best part: the total for all this (including a pair of khaki cropped pants that aren't pictured because I didn't get around to ironing them when I took the rest of these photos) was $47BZD or $23.50USD. Heck, even if I should end up spilling ketchup or who-knows-what on those white cargo pants, at five bucks I'm not going to get too wigged out about it. Gosh, you just have to love thrift stores.

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