Sunday, July 7, 2013

Corozal Lobster Fest 2013

Yesterday was Corozal's 2nd Annual Lobster Fest. David and I checked it out, along with our friends, Colleen, Bruce, and Dianna, and thought I would share a few pics from the event.

This year's shindig was held on the street that fronts the area known as Miami Beach.

Granted, there's no sand, so no beach, but it's right on the bay and comes with some great views.

It was great to see all the families and little kids running about. Some happier...

...than others. 
But what street fair wouldn't be complete without a jumpy house to make even the crankiest kid have fun?

I was fascinated by this guy's dreadlocks. The way they moved when he shook his head was very cool. 

But, of course, the main reason everyone was there was for the lobster. Here are a bunch that were just cut and put on the grill.

Actually, this was the only place selling lobster, so they were doing a booming business.

Throw in a few rounds of ice-cold Belikins and some quality pool time, and we had all the makings of a great day.

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