Saturday, March 29, 2014

Slices of Life from Belize: March 29, 2014

Blowin' in the Wind

For the last few days, the wind has been really something. Seemingly coming from any and all directions, blowing loose marl and debris every which way. I gave up trying to sweep the floors, because every time we would open the porch door, more stuff would blow in. To give you some idea of the wind's intensity, here's our windsock out back:

The one in the front, being of a more delicate nature, decided just to latch on to the pole and hang on for dear life.

Unexpected Guests

The other day, the dogs were barking and going crazy. I did a quick scan of the yard, but didn't see anything. The barking persisted. It was driving me crazy, so I walked around outside to see if I could figure out the source of dog angst and saw this:

They blended in so well with the dry grass that I didn't notice them at first. After munching for a bit, they decided their work here was done and meandered up the lane, stopping for a nosh here and there. Country living at its finest.

The Wanda T. Lizzard Fan Club

Remember Wanda? You know, that lizard that went on the epic train journey and also accompanied us on our trip to Caye Caulker

Well, she's on the road again! It seems Wanda overheard a conversation between Colleen and a couple of good friends, Vivien and Denis, about their upcoming travel plans. Apparently, after much begging, pleading, fake fainting spells, and other look-at-me types of behavior, Vivien and Denis agreed to let Wanda accompany them. 

Their first stop will be Edmonton, Canada, where Vivien and Denis live. After checking that area out for a bit, she then will go with Vivien and her mom on a trip to southern England via Iceland.

I was with Colleen when the news came that the decision was made to take Wanda on the trips, and that lizard went ballistic! She scurried throughout the house, trying to find her suitcase, picking out then discarding all pieces of her wardrobe, and was quite distressed to discover her hat box had gone missing. She will be going to high tea! Whatever will she pack her fascinator in so it won't get damaged? 

We finally convinced Wanda that this amount of upset wasn't going to do her any good and gave her a bit of beer to calm her nerves. She must have finally gotten her act together, because she hit the road yesterday. 

If you would like to follow Wanda's adventures, she now has her own Facebook page, aptly called "The Wanda T. Lizzard Fan Club". Just click the "join" option, and you can stay up to date on where she is and what's she's doing.

P.S. You will notice in some of her latest photos that Wanda is sporting some new bling, as in a pierced tongue. She said, lisping oh-so-slightly, that she thought it gave her a "continental flair."

P.P.S. Speaking of continental flair, Wanda also informed us that her last name is really pronounced Lizz Ard (heavy emphasis on the second syllable). I won't even tell you how many eye rolls that announcement got.

P.P.P.S. While reading Wanda's bio on her fan page (dictated to and posted by Vivien 'cause lizard, sorry Lizz Ard fingers aren't much good at typing), please ignore all references to some of us being "elderly." It may have been her sad attempt to be sassy, but it did her no favors in keeping her in our good graces.

Corozal Living

One of the many interesting aspects about living in a place like Corozal is just how much information about what's going on in the area is only learned by word-of-mouth.

Looking for a way for folks to share what they know, pose questions, and find resources, I decided to set up a Corozal Living Facebook group a few months ago.

Quite frankly, I wasn't really sure how popular it would be or how much information would be shared. But it seems to be catching on. As of today we have 161 members and what a diverse group it is. There are people who were born and raised here, those that moved here from other countries, others who came for a visit and want to stay in touch with what's going on, and still others thinking about visiting Corozal and want to know more about the area.

If any of our blog readers/followers want to be part of this growing community, simply click the "join" option. The more, the merrier!

Oh and if by some chance you find the group isn't your cup of tea (but we sure hope it is), you can leave the group at any time by selecting that option under the settings menu.

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  1. We have been to Belize once. It was a 12 day long cruise adventure. Belize is an awesome place to visit . We enjoyed every bit of it !