Friday, May 2, 2014

Solution for Our Stained Glass Dilemma

I am fortunate to be married to a man of many talents and interests, including working with stained glass.

In the years we've been together, David has tackled all kinds of glass projects from various types of lanterns... a side panel for our former front door...

...and even a custom, stained glass dog door.

But his biggest project, thus far, is the stained glass light he made to hang over the pool table we had in our house in North Carolina.

Drawing on inspiration from designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, David mapped out his design and got to work. With over 700 pieces of glass to be cut, fitted, and soldered, not to mention building the frame and working on the electrical components, this was not a weekend project.

But the hours and hours of effort paid off. The end result was amazing.

When we decided to move to Corozal, there was lots and lots of stuff we decided not to bring with us. However, this light wasn't even up for discussion. It was coming with us, even though we didn't know where in our new house it would be installed.

For the last two years, the light languished away in its packing box. We would chat about it now and again, but a variety of house projects kept taking our attention away from the light.

Then a couple of weeks ago, while hanging out with Dianna, Dave, Colleen, and Bruce, the subject of hobbies came up. I mentioned David's prowess with stained glass, told them about the light, and our dilemma of where to hang it. After sending the gang a picture of the light, Dianna came up with the inspired thought of hanging it over our kitchen sink. Hmmm....

Turns out it would be the perfect spot. Why we never thought of it is anyone's guess. 

David figured that with a little finagling he could use the wiring for the existing light to wire the stained glass one. So he made sure the switch for the existing light was in the off position and just started to work with the wiring when I heard him yelp, the tools he had in his hand crashed to the counter, and a few choice curse words were uttered. Seems that even though the switch was off, power was still flowing to the line. "Grade A" workmanship in this house I tell ya'. 

After the tingling sensation went away in his fingers, he flipped the breaker switch for that electrical run and tried again. Much better results, with no threat of being electrocuted.

Our light's new home:

There's still some cosmetic work to be done with the wiring, but parts are on order. In the meantime, we get to enjoy it, plus it makes a lovely focal point when you walk into our living/kitchen area. 

Yep, I am one lucky girl to have inspired friends and a talented mate.

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