Monday, June 16, 2014

Slices of Life from Belize - June 16, 2014

Permanent Residency Status

Well, our status can be summed up in two words: still waiting. Actually there are a bunch of other words I could insert here after all these months, but I'll spare you the blue tinted air that would ensue. 

After submitting our application on June 11, 2013, things were moving along with having our initial interview, then after a bit of a delay, having our interview with Special Branch. Then, as I posted back in January, the scandal broke with regards to the Immigration department. Nothing, and I mean nothing, happened for at least six months while the investigations and reorganizations took place. 

We did at least determine that our file is on the director's desk waiting for her signature. Of course, it's been in that spot for at least the last five months, and no one can tell us when our file will be given the final okay.

So we continue to wait. We're not alone, as there are a slew of other folks in the same boat, including those waiting for citizenship and Belize passports. 

Dianna' Drawing Table

Our friend, Dianna, expressed a desire to revisit her hobby of pen and ink drawings. And while she has pens, paper, and pictures, what she needed was a drawing table to kick-start things. She talked with David about it and showed him some online pics of what she was thinking of. He took some measurements, came up with a design, and got to work. Here's the finished piece, delivered late last month. (Excuse the cat photobombing this and the other shots).

In addition to the table top being flat (handy to use as a dining table), David designed the top to be tilted at various angles -- from 15 to 45 degrees. Lots of smooth, rounded corners to make our artist be comfy. (Hmmm, seems the puppy decided to get in on the photobomb action too).

This is a view from the back showing how the top can be adjusted to the various angles. 

And see that dowel rod That's to make it easier for Dianna to adjust the tilt of the table. When the top is flat, that dowel rod attaches to a magnet (that white thing on the leg to the right) to keep it from bumping someone's knee. I've asked David to do a blog post going into all the detail of this project, so stay tuned. In the meantime, another fine quality piece of workmanship.

Practically Cute

It's time again to go on a power washing spree. You would not believe how quickly gunk and mold can grow here. Anyhoo, whenever I've used the power washer in the past, I donned my trusty, green Wellies to keep my feet dry and minimize the amount of grit that can embed itself into every pore of your being.

But my poor, green Wellies were starting to fall apart and my tootsies weren't staying dry. Time to get some replacements. Now any girl can go with something practical, but if you can do that and still bring in a cute factor, well, it just doesn't get much better than that.


...paisley, rubberized, cowgirl boots! They're super comfortable and add a much needed pop of color during rainy season.

Corozal Living / Corozal Arts & Crafts

Back in March, I posted about the launch of the Corozal Living group residing on Facebook. The group is designed as a way for folks to share what they know, pose questions, and find resources here within the Corozal District. 

At the time of my initial post, I was thrilled that we over 160 people were members. Today? Well we have over 580 and it keeps on growing! 

Over the last couple of months, there have been two documents added to the group's file list that may be of interest: a Corozal Town visitor's map and a listing of recommended local contractors and businesses. 

In case you're not on Facebook, you can also access these documents here on our blog. The map is located on the top right of the page, right above our local weather link. The recommended businesses link is shown right under our blog banner.

Another Facebook group that may be of interest to those visiting/moving here is the Corozal Arts & Crafts page. Here you will find a growing collection paintings, drawings, hand made jewelry, furniture, and other handiwork from local arts and crafts people. 

If any of our blog readers/followers want to be part of these growing communities, simply click the "join" option on the respective group pages.

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