Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weather Update

Yesterday I shared the satellite map showing the storm stuck over Belize. And guess what? The blob is still here.

According to friends of ours who live nearby, we received over 6" of rain yesterday and another 4.5" from a deluge we received this morning. And there's lots more on the way.

After the downpour this morning, our yard and side lane looked rather lake-like.

David took this shot standing at the back of his shop, looking out over a bit of our side yard and lane.

A shot from our back gate and side lane. Almost looks like we live on a canal.
This looking out our back door. Fernando had just put some tomato plants in. Suspect they are doomed. Sorry for the poor quality of the shot, but it was the best I could get from inside.

How some of us spent a rainy Saturday night.
We've been having rolling thunder for the last couple of hours, but at least the rain is no longer teeming down. Something tells me that will be changing.

In the meantime, we're snug and dry, we haven't lost power, internet, or cable, so life is good.

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