Thursday, September 15, 2016

Slices of Life in Belize - Septermber 15, 2016


Some sad news to report. We recently had to put our dog, Sam, down. He contracted tick fever back in January, but thanks to the ministrations of our vet, Dr. Charles, Sam made a recovery. But we were warned that a relapse could happen at any time.

A little over a week ago, we noticed he started to exhibit the same symptoms as before -- no interest in food or water and being very lethargic. Dr. Charles confirmed our suspicions and pumped him full of antibiotics and vitamins. Later that day, Sam's temperature had dropped from 103.5 down to 101 degrees. Things were looking up.

But the next morning, his temperature spiked at 104.5 and he still refused food and water. He was so spent, he could barely walk. Dr. Charles made a house call and, after looking Sam over, told us his liver and kidneys were shutting down.

While we know we made the right decision, it was still heart wrenching. We take comfort in the fact that he had a good life, was well loved, and one of the bravest dogs I've ever known. I mean he took on anteaters, twice!

Sam -- good, loving, and missed.


On a happier note, September in Belize is like a never-ending party. Why? Because 21 September is Independence Day and every district in the country uses the entire month to host various festivities. 

This year Belize turns 35 years old and this is this year's theme:

You can read about the history of Belize here.

In Corozal, parades of all kinds are scheduled, as well as a block party, Carnival Jouvert, dances, and of course, fireworks. 

And our small village of Ranchito has a bevy of events slated for next Wednesday including a children's parade, the crowning of the Queen of Ranchito, family friendly festivities and a free dance. Pictures of all the fun will be posted on the Ranchito Village Council Facebook page. 

National motto: SUB UMBRA FLOREO ("Under the shade I flourish")

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