Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: So Close, Yet...

Today we took delivery of our upper cabinets that now have shelves:

One might think that we would be dancing in the streets now that they're in place, huh? But take a look at the shots below. Notice anything missing?

Yup, all the doors. Turns out that when we were told that someone would come out and do any cosmetic touch-ups to the paint, it didn't mean some guy with a can of paint and an array of brushes. It meant bringing out a compressor, paint gun, and taking off all the doors so they could be painted in our back yard. That would be after filling a number of gaps we found with wood putty and then sanding it down. And did I mention that we were told today that the paint guy only has two speeds: low and slow?

It was painfully clear that there wouldn't be enough daylight left today to get it all done. So it was agreed that all the doors would be removed, taken back to the shop, prettied up, painted, and hopefully return here on Saturday. Sigh.

On the high side, I can start loading up the new upper cabinets and restore some semblence of organization to the kitchen. That's between times of shooing the cat from the open bottom cupboards.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Sometimes I think Belize is another name for surreal - nothing is ever the way it seems and nothing ever turns out the way you imagine it, or when, or how...

    Still, just think of all the fond memories you'll have as you're cooking up some delights in your new and unique kitchen.

    It's looking great. Delays and all.