Monday, April 15, 2013

Concrete Treasures

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to stop in at Contour Concrete, located right here in Corozal. I had heard about and seen some of the decorative pieces courtesy of my friend Colleen, and the two of us went to see if we could find any treasures.

The owner, Ruel Hall, is a good friend of of hers, so while the two of them chatted, I strolled through the shop, which is outdoors and just plain fun to walk through. At almost every corner, there are all kinds of pieces that catch your eye, including large pedestals, flowerpots, an array of concrete lions, plaques, candle holders, you name it. Oh, and he has a variety of plants for sale too!

Ruel and his crew make many of their own molds and cast everything right there. I would love to be there some day when they are pouring the molds, just to see how it's done.

And while there were many items that tempted me, here's what I came away with:

I love this plaque. We think this will end up in our bathroom, once we finish remodeling it. The border mimics the tile we picked out for the top of the vanity, so it will be a great addition.

Meet Bob, the "sea fish" and our new doorstop. I took one look at this guy and knew he was coming home with me.
Don't know if it was being at the Santa Rita ruins or what, but I thought this plaque was really neat. We have it hung on the wall next to the range, and I sorta' think of him as my good luck kitchen charm. And based on my last batch of pizza dough, well let's just say having a magic charm in the area is a good thing. More on that in an upcoming post.


How can you go wrong with buying a smiling sun, especially with the weather we have here? I'm thinking about hanging this one over my new desk, which will be in the kitchen area.

And take a wild guess on what this haul cost me. Go ahead. How about $30 BZD or $15 USD? Can you believe it?

I will definitely be making return trips to see what things Ruel has that I didn't even know I needed :)

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