Thursday, May 9, 2013

Slices of Life from Belize: May 9, 2013

Why Life with a Feline is Never Boring

There are moments when our cat, Bronte, can be the picture of contentment...

Sharing ZZZZs with Sam

...then there are all the other times:

Clearly she didn't like my choice for a new shower curtain liner

Cats: you gotta' love 'em.

Follow up on the Quirks of Corozal Living

You might recall that back on April 18 we stopped by the newly relocated Lands and Survey Department to pay our property taxes. According to the clerk, our records hadn't been entered into the database yet -- even though it's been a year since we bought our house and lots. She made copies of our Land Certificates and sent them to Belmopan so they could be put into the system.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Stopped by yesterday, but still no dice -- no records on file. So we will try again in another couple of weeks or so and see what happens.

Also, kitty litter is still MIA. Looks like we will need to prevail upon our friends planning a shopping trip in Mexico to snag us a couple of bags to tide us over.

Come on in -- the water is just fine...really!

No, this is not a picture of murder most foul.

Instead, it's Colleen doing water angels in her brand new pool.

Yet another happy, happy camper who will be able to stay sane in the heat.

Words With Friends

This game has become an addiction for me. If you're not familiar with it, think of playing Scrabble online with an opponent. Right now, I have seven different games going and the players are ruthless, including my husband. He shows no mercy and blithely throws words using big point letters, such as "Z", "J", and "Q" on the board with abandon. Where's the love, babe? 

Colleen is another one that plays a cut-throat game using not only super valuable letters in amazing word combinations, but also knows how to block the board so I can't take advantage of open spaces. Snarl.

And can we just talk about playing against Dianna for a moment? Yes, let's. The first couple of games we played, she was leaving all kinds of opportunities for me to score double and triple words. I felt kinda' bad when I'd whup her butt. But then something happened. She started a game and used the word "gazette." Well geez, do you have any idea how many points that is right off the bat? And she didn't stop there. She's been cranking out all kinds of letter combos that have left me in the dust -- especially when my letter rack is filled primarily with vowels. She swears she isn't using a cheat, bringing in an expert wordsmith, or employing any other type of help. Ha! I bet.

Words with friends? Oh yeah, I can think of some real choice words for these "friends" of mine, but can't wait until we all start playing the next rounds.

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  1. Your poor liner! But thanks for the chuckles, great pics! BTW, it is true I don't use word aids, it is just the luck of letters. I too am addicted to this game!