Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We're a Featured Blog!

If you look to the top right, you'll notice a nifty badge that's joined our blog. It's from the Expats Blog, and they've been kind enough to include us in their blog listings for Belize. 

But here's the thing: Every year they give an award for the best expat blogs for each country listed on their site. In order to win, we need all you guys to go here, post a quick comment on why our blog should win for Belize, and assign a star ranking.

Because we've just been added, you'll notice that we're ranked at the bottom. Granted, there are only three other contenders at the moment, but how cool would it be for our blog to win the bronze, silver, or -- gasp! -- even the gold?

So it you have a spare moment, pop on over to our listing and show us some love!

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