Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tropical Depression 2: Fashion, Pets, and Bugs

You may have heard that Tropical Depression 2 paid Belize a visit. Here at Casa Wright, it has been something of a non-event. Yes, we had some heavy rain and gusty winds yesterday. But so far, no thunderstorms. Today some intermittent showers. That's been about it.

We made a trip into town this morning to buy some groceries. Usually, I try to make some effort to look reasonably presentable. But with a mucky lane and puddles galore, it was clearly not a cute shoe or clothing day.

Instead it was a day for practicality:

Combine these with my hair slapped back in a ponytail, under a baseball cap, and boy, you're talking about a fashion statement just waiting to happen. Oh, and let's not forget the good dousing of the perfume of Belize -- Off Active. You would not believe the mosquitoes that have come out. And these suckers are fierce! Even with bug spray, they somehow can bite through your clothes.

Our pet kids have, for the most part, been riding out the rain by hanging out inside the house and not doing much of anything except...


...and sleeping.
That's Tanya under the chair, with Bronte sacked out on top of the other.
However, Olivia wasn't going to be deterred by no stinkin' rain drops. At every opportunity, she wants to be outside, running around like a maniac, and finding every puddle in the yard. That, of course, means that when she comes in, she has to be toweled off:
This is not an experience she enjoys. And in spite of our best efforts, there are still paw prints throughout the house. Suffice it to say, I have put off doing any cleaning until the storm is outta' here.

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