Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Caye Caulker Adventure - Part 3

We greeted our third and final day on Caye Caulker with a wonderful treat: Starbucks coffee! There's a little place located right next to the outdoor cinema that sells the real deal, along with an assortment of muffins, bagels, and other on-the-go foods. 

Like the sushi we had on our first day on the island, a cup of Starbucks coffee has been something we haven't had in ages, which made it all the more special.

We were scheduled to take the 11:15 water taxi back to San Pedro, giving us plenty of time to make a final tour of some of the shops. After stowing our bags at the water taxi office, one place we knew we needed to revisit was Cooper's Art Gallery

We had stopped in on Tuesday, and I was immediately smitten with the vibrant paintings and prints. One in particular jumped out at me:

The faces on the fish make me smile and I especially love the spiny lobster. She rather reminds me of a crustacean version of Carmen Miranda.  

Colleen and Bruce didn't come away empty handed and purchased a framed sea turtle painting.

With our purchases wrapped up, we had a cold, refreshing beverage, then headed down to the pier to await the water taxi. Along the way, we heard a gasp from Wanda, who had been fairly quiet that morning. We looked around to see what caught her attention and spied this guy:

Apparently they knew one another and judging by the blush on Wanda's cheeks and the way she was batting her eyes, we could only guess that this could have been one of the reasons for her disappearance the other day. We'll probably never know the whole story, 'cause what happens in Caulker, stays in Caulker, and her lizard lips were sealed.

We lucked out with the weather again by having lots of blue skies, but the wind was still whipping around. As we crossed one intersection, David's hat flew off...again. Seems the whole concept of the chin strap was still for naught, as he thought it made him look dorky. Sigh...

On the other hand, I hadn't perhaps made the best fashion choice that day either. In the same store that David bought his hat and flip-flops, I found the cutest knee-length gauze dress. It was light, airy, and incredibly comfortable. However, when you're trying to walk down a long pier in gusty winds, holding a canvas, and clutching your dress so it doesn't blow up and show the world your panties, well, for a klutz like me it was a challenge. With David's assistance I made it in one piece, the canvas stayed intact, and the circulation to David's hand finally came back from me applying a death grip. But hey, I looked cute.

Our trip back to San Pedro was uneventful and upon our arrival we had to wait for all the luggage to be unloaded. And then this happened:

Yup, the hat flew off again. Fortunately the water is shallow here and the hat hadn't bobbed away too far. But David did get the hem of his shorts a bit wet, which didn't look dorky at all compared to wearing the freakin' chin strap for the hat!!!! Honey, you know I love ya' more than my luggage (name that movie), whether you think you look dorky or not.

But I digress...We decided that instead of carting all our bags around San Pedro we would check them at our respective airport terminals. Tropic Air has a smallish room where they can store your bags for free until they need to be checked right before your flight. 

With bags stowed, we hoofed our way to Super Buy, a grocery store that was recommended to us. The goal was to see if we could score some items not easily found in the stores in Corozal. They do have a really good selection of things and I walked out of there with a bottle of Sriracha (finally!), garam marsala, anchovies packed in oil, and Arborio rice. I was one happy girl.

From there we headed back to the beach in search of some lunch grub dodging golf carts all along the way. It was crazy. We landed at Estel's, which turned out to be an excellent choice. The food was good, the beer was cold, the staff incredibly friendly, and we could clearly hear the oldies music playing nearby. We had just enough time to explore a few more stores after lunch before getting back to the airport.

Just like when we took off from Corozal, we were given our plastic boarding passes. For those of you not familiar with flying on Tropic Air, the colors noted on the passes designate which flight you are on. On our return trip, we had green passes. We also saw white, red, blue, pink, and people walking around with a bunch of other colors. Lots of outbound flights with lots of people. 

As the time came for our 3:00 flight to depart, we were looking around to see how many other green passholders there were. Turns out there weren't any others. Other than the pilot, we were the only passengers. We felt like rock stars!

Turns out that Colleen and Bruce had the same experience with Maya Island Air. But in their case, the pilot was kind enough to humor Wanda...

...and let her be the co-pilot. 

By around 3:40, we were back at home greeted by excited pets. It's nice to be missed, but we are looking forward to many return trips to Caulker. I hope you can tell how much we enjoyed the island, our friends, and even Wanda. We may pause a bit if she plans on joining us on future excursions, but maybe we can bribe her to stay at home with a lovely straw hat -- chin strap included :)

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