Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pool Project: Week 4

Well, we are at the halfway point of our estimated finish time and things were hopping last week.

The crew started off the week by nailing together the wood frames for the columns. When the frames were finished, each of the columns were filled with cement.

Some of the crew worked on building the side walls for the hallway, which will be accessed from the back wall of our spare bedroom.

This is a shot of just some of the work area in our yard. Clearly these spaces will need some TLC once the project is over.

More cement work got underway when the foreman cast and poured a slab, which runs from our back door in the kitchen to the edge of the septic tank. And the reason for the slab?

For steps that lead up to an eventual screen door.

And if you look at the back right of this shot, you see one of the hallway walls. The cut out at the top is where glass block will be installed.

With the columns done, it was time to do the framing for the beams (a.k.a. chains) that go around the top of the columns.

 At this stage, my heart was in my throat watching the guys balance on the 10-inch beams, while carrying five gallon buckets of cement. But all of them are so sure-footed, I really didn't need to be concerned.

David wasn't idle while all this work was going on. In addition to consulting/directing some elements of the cement pour and pool plumbing lines, he was hard at work making the first of four stained glass sconces for our seating area.

The week wrapped up yesterday by the crew removing the wood side frames from the beams and casting the upper sections of the three remaining columns, which will eventually support a 40-foot wood beam.

All in all, the construction is way farther along than we expected at this point. The columns and beams will need about a week to 10 days to set, then the rafters and roof can be installed.

In the meantime, there's still the pump house to be built, final polish coats of cement to be applied on walls, steps, and the pool, and the deck area needs to be poured. Oh, and there is also the glass block to be installed in the hallway and wood frames to be constructed for the screens. The guys will not be at a loss for things to do, come tomorrow.

As for us, we are using today to get caught up on household chores, baking bread, and basking in the quietude. Because by this time tomorrow, the cement mixer will be going full force for most of the day.

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