Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pool Project: Week Six

The crew spent most of last week rendering the remaining columns, exterior walls, and the hallway. They also poured the floor for the pump house and added more block. It's well on its way to completion.

We also received an unexpected perk when the guys poured a new slab for our butane tank and water heater.

In the meantime, we placed Amazon orders for patio furniture. We will have a daybed to curl up on (the canopy is removable), plus two matching recliners.

These should be arriving later next month. In the meantime, we will just use some of the chairs we currently have on the porch.

But the real excitement happened on Friday and Saturday. First, they poured the pool deck and applied a tinted, non-skid surface.

Next came the moment we've been waiting for: hoisting the main beam for the structure. Now here's the thing about this beam -- it is constructed of 2" x 8" pressure treated pine. The boards are bolted together to form a 44 foot beam. It's long and it's heavy. And believe it or not, the crew put in place by sheer manpower.

They started by positioning three of the crew on top of the upper cement chain, then the remaining guys lifted the beam up to some other crew members.

Then balanced on the cement cross beams, the guys carried the main beam to its resting place.

Our friends, Colleen and Bruce were at our place while this whole operation was underway. I think all of us held our breath watching this delicate balancing act. Goodness knows I was feeling a bit tense.

When the beam was secured with clamps, we all let out a big cheer and applauded. It was a fine way to end the week.

Much to our surprise, the crew showed up this morning. Normally we all have off on Sundays, but they want to get a jump start on installing the rafters.  

During the rest of this week, we expect the zinc roof to be installed, primer applied to the walls and columns, plus positioning the pool pump in its new house. 

The fun just doesn't end ;)

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  1. Looking really good, bet you can't wait for the first plunge.