Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Slices of Life from Belize - 9/25/12

See Ya’ Later, Crocagator 

During a recent field trip to Orange Walk with friends of ours, Colleen and Bruce, they gave us a tour of some of the go-to stores in town, including a bakery. There were all kinds of yummy bread options to choose from, and we walked out of there with four croissants, two lovely sandwich rolls, two sweet rolls, a large bottle of water, and this guy:

Isn’t it great? Apparently, the bakery is known far and wide for this little croc. Guess how much he cost. Would you believe $1.75 BZD, which is about .88 cents USD? The total for everything we bought came just over $3.00 USD. Man, you can’t even buy a large bottle of water for that in some places in the States.

Right after taking this shot, I couldn’t resist the urge to sample it, and I’m sorry to say (well, not really) that our croc is now without a tail. While breaking it off, it took me back to those chocolate bunnies I would get at Easter. How well I remember asking my Mom if I could have a piece for a snack and being told, “Yes, but only one ear.” Or, “You can only eat his feet.” Cannibalism by chocolate or, in this case, by crocodile.

Leaving the Scene of the Crime 

So not that long ago, we decided to pull out the bedding plants that were on either side of the porch entrance and transplant some marigold seedlings. David turned over the beds, mixed in some sand, and generally made the area all ready for its new plant residents.

Once the marigolds were in the ground, I kept noticing that dirt from one of the beds kept showing up on the pavement. Then I noticed that one of the marigolds had gotten uprooted completely. Dirt was everywhere. Did we have some kind of varmint? 

Noooo, we had Sam:

Suspect caught during escape
Seems he likes the area now that the dirt is nice and soft and thinks it’s a cool place to make a little nesting area. Ay, caramba!

If he didn't have such a cuteness factor...

...well, who knows what I might be tempted to do.

Splitting Hairs 

While living in the States, I wasn’t the type of girl to buy all kinds of beauty and fashion magazines. My guilty pleasure were cooking publications. However, I did have a reasonable idea of what the various trends and fads ladies just had to have to stay pretty and youthful looking (can you say Botox?). But when I saw this sign in downtown Corozal, I was stymied:

What in the world? Are your eyebrows sewn together in some way? Made to look fuller? Does it require a needle to go with the thread?  It sounds like something that would really hurt, doesn’t it? 

Curious, I did some Internet searches and discovered that it’s a beauty technique whereby a thin, twisted piece of thread is rolled over unwanted hair to pluck it out. Apparently threading can take out an entire row of hair, which gives a straighter line. Furthermore, the practice has been around for ages and ages.

Who knew? Well, clearly I didn’t, but think I’ll stick with my trusty tweezers.

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