Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You say Gra-neet-a, I say Gra-not-a…

The heat here can be a bit of a buzz-kill at times. You wake up with all kinds of projects you want to knock out in a day, but are dripping wet by 7:30 in the morning. You have to learn to take things slow and easy.

One way to cool down, other than taking yet another shower or going for a dip in a pool (a big shout out to Dave and Dianna Rider!), is to whip up a granita. If you’ve never had one, think of it as something akin to a water ice, but a bit slushier.

I have made this recipe, courtesy of Aaron Sanchez, on more than one occasion since being down here. While it calls for using fresh lime juice, I’ve substituted oranges, lemons, or some combination of the three.

If your tastes lean more to a less sweeter side, you can just reduce the sugar or honey, or both. The vodka element helps to keep the granite from freezing solid and adds a little somethin’, somethin’ to the overall flavor.

Whatever flavor combinations you try, you won’t be disappointed. It’s just the right, light, cooling thing to dig into when the heat prevents you from doing much of anything else. And the alcohol from the vodka dissipates from the time spent in the freezer. Ummm, not really, but why would you want it to?

P.S. Depending on the temperature of your freezer, you may find it takes a bit longer than the two hours to firm up.

P.P.S. While the recipe suggests serving the granita in martini glasses, which is a very cute idea, it works just as well in dishes, or even digging right into whatever container you used to freeze it.

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