Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Dates! Sink! Range Hood! And More!

As if adopting a kitten wasn't enough excitement for one day, we had more thrills yesterday. To start with, we met with our kitchen cabinet contractor early in the morning. We ok'd the layout of the counter tops, discussed and agreed on some remaining elements for the cabinets, and, best of all, received an estimated delivery date! YAY! If all goes according to plan, we could have our new cabinets by November 21. We realize the date could slide a bit, but at least we can put our final plans together to get the tile voids and sink plumbing taken care of.

After that, we received a call from Roy & Sons Shipping that our Amazon delivery would arrive that afternoon. This was great news, as it meant we would then have:

  • Our single basin, stainless steel kitchen sink
  • Range hood
  • Printer toner cartridge
  • French bread pan
  • Oven mitt - why I didn't pack the ones I owned in the States remains a mystery
  • Two dogs beds
  • A partridge in a pear tree (not really)

Just a quick word on how the whole delivery process works with Roy's. When placing our order through Amazon, we provided the shipping address for Roy's, which is based in Los Angeles. Then we emailed our itemized order info to Nena, who works at the L.A. facility. She then let us know when each of the items arrived. Once everything was there, all our stuff, along with anything else other people wanted shipped to Belize was routed to Houston by truck, where it was then transported to Florida, placed in a cargo container and put on the next ship sailing here. Once the ship arrived in Belize, Roy worked his magic as the customs broker and then started making deliveries.

When all our boxes were unloaded, we felt like it was an early Christmas. Of course, not everyone would be super excited by a sink or range hood, but it means we're that much closer to having a finished kitchen.

David assembled the dog beds and had his trusty, new assistant lending a hand (or should I say paw?)

"I've got this side. Hand me the screwdriver why dontcha'?"

A supervisor's duties are never done.
And to put icing on the cake for a great day, we scored two crossword puzzle books (a rare item in these parts) AND our very first sunflower popped.

Happy day, indeed.

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