Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes

Last Wednesday, little Olivia joined our household, and a scrawnier, mangier looking puppy you never did see. Weighing in at only two pounds, scabby bits covering most of her skin, and almost no fur, well, folks who saw her were hard pressed to come up with compliments. It's sort of like when you see a very ugly baby and you desperately seek some redeeming quality to voice to the parents. David wondered if we should have named her "Pitiful."

But if you remember the story of the Ugly Duckling, something tells me Olivia is well on her way to becoming quite the looker.

In just seven short days, she has put on an extra pound, and by the way she is eating, there's no doubt that more are on the way. Matter of fact, her body shape rather resembles a butternut squash.

Using the medicated shampoo from Dr. Sheila, most of Olivia's scabs have gone away and her fur is starting to come in. Granted, in lots of spots it looks like peach fuzz, but it's better than being nekkid!

And her energy level? Oh my Lord! When we first got her, she could barely stand up and running around was out of the question. Our kitten, Bronte, did everything she could to get Olivia's attention, but it just took too much out of her.

But within a few short days, Olivia was racing after the cat, practically doing laps around the house, and playing with every pet toy she could get her paws on. She also has figured out how to bark, mostly at Bronte when she has a toy that Olivia wants.

When not terrorizing one another, a truce is called, and Bronte and Olivia go back to being the best of buddies.

And it's at this point, ladies and gentlemen, that I will shamelessly post gratuitous cute pet pictures:

I know, I'm worse than a new parent. But seriously, are these two adorable or what?
We still have some weeks ahead of us for five-a-day feedings, blankets being washed every day to prevent the spread of Olivia's skin infection, medicated shampoo being applied every three days, litter training, and housebreaking the puppy. But we're well on the road of having two very healthy, happy pets who have brought us more laughter (and a bit less sleep) than we could have imagined.


  1. so very cute! I'm sure each of them appreciates having a playmate in the other. Who said that dogs and cats cant be friends!

  2. The next-to-last photo is great! You have your hands full now. We just got the signed permit to bring our 13 yr old cat into Belize with us next month. Yea! She started out as a tiny little thing that we found cowering in freezing puddle in our work parking lot. Didn't take long for her 4 pounds to turn into 12! Your little ones will be big before you know it.

    cheers, Wilma

  3. I am so glad that you have made a home for Olivia and Bronte. They are so lucky to have you for their forever home. My wish is for all unwanted pets to have this experience. Cute does not discribe them, they are absolutely georgeous. They will bring you much unconditional love for a long time.

  4. They do make a really cute pair. Lucky, lucky babies. They will never understand just how lucky they really are. But those of us who see how many animals in Belize will never find any home, let alone a really terrific forever home thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for taking them in, warts and all.