Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: The Patron Saints Save the Day

It appears our chats with San Lorenzo and Saint Joseph (patron saints of chefs and woodworkers, respectively) paid off...big time.

Yesterday David stopped by the cabinet shop to see where things stood with our cabinets, specifically how to fix the problem of the sink cabinet being too long. Well, it turns out that the crew re-jigged the sink cabinet and it will now fit just fine and with a little bit of room to spare.

Everything should be ready to have a primer coat applied tomorrow. Once that's all dry, work can move ahead with applying the white paint, final finish. 

Because it took a couple of days for the work to be completed on reworking the sink cabinet, our delivery date is now scheduled for November 23. Not a biggie. 

Our game plan is to cut the sink plumbing and remove the existing sink cabinet next Wednesday. With that work out of the way, we can fill the tile voids with cement. With fingers crossed, all should be set (literally and figuratively) for our Friday delivery date. 

Let the Snoopy Dance of Joy commence!

P.S. Because nothing says home like a pet or two, we have added to our family. Ladies and gentlemen, making her blog debut, here's Olivia:

I'll be sharing all the details on how we became her pet parents in an upcoming post. And yes, the puppy is in addition to the kitten, Bronte, we adopted last week. And the two dogs we adopted when we bought the house. And yes, in the last 24 hours it feels like we booked to tickets on the crazy train. But gosh, are these babies cute!


  1. Congrats to the new pet parents and to the new kitchen parents... It's part of the family too, right?

  2. What a difference a little time and love make to make big changes in that puppy. My best to you both for extending such kindness into a life that probably wouldn't be.

  3. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the kind words about our puppy. It's amazing what a few days of decent food, sleep, and lots of cuddles will do. Olivia has already gained one pound (bringing her up to a whopping three pounds) and her skin is starting to clear up, thanks to some medicated shampoo from the vet. Will be sure to post updates on Olivia's progress in the days ahead.

    Kind regards,