Sunday, November 25, 2012

Media Center Debut

Last month I blogged about some other projects we have in various stages of development, including a veggie garden, a possible pool, and a media center.

Well after weeks of hard work out in his shop, David had the media center completed. Before showing you what he created, let's take a short trip down memory lane. Here's what our entertainment area looked like before:

We used a table that came with the house for the TV, reciever, speakers, and miscellaneous stuff. Underneath, we put the DVD and CD player on a coffee table we brought with us. Under that, we stacked our DVDs, CDs, and large speaker. While it certainly was a workable solution, we wanted something a bit more in keeping with the open, airy look we wanted for the living area.

Here's what my man built as a solution:

David put together a design that had custom made slots for all our electronics, as well as all our DVDs and CDs (with some room to spare). He even made his own moulding (no easy task when working with rock hard mahogany) to give the piece a finished touch. Pretty cool, huh? Boy, I am one lucky girl to have a guy who knows how to do wood working stuff, not to mention stained glass, plumbing, you name it.

So with this project checked off the list, we can turn our attention back to getting the kitchen finished. We received word over the weekend that our cabinets and counters will be delivered on Friday, November 30. I am so excited and can't wait to have space to store and prep stuff.

I'll be documenting the steps we need to take prior to delivery. Namely, we need to rip out the existing sink cabinet, rework the plumbing, and fill in the tile voids with cement. But by this time next week, we should have everything -- cabinets, counters, island, plumbing -- all in place. YEA!!!!!!


  1. Looks great and absolutely professional. What a difference between "before" and "after".

  2. Wow,,, well done David. I like the design! Would love some closer pics when you have a post and no pics to go with it.